You’ve climbed the corporate ladder only to discover it was against the wrong wall.


You’ve given 110% to your career and only to find yourself tired, sleep deprived, and overweight, unable to give that same energy to your family.


You know you have plenty to give, but can’t summon the energy to do all the things you so desperately want, and find yourself asking…


How can I reduce stress and lose weight?

Hi there.  My name is Todd and thanks for checking me out.

I want to get real with you for a minute.

I’ve always dreamed big, strived for excellence and deeply care about people.  My dream was to be the first person in my family to earn a college degree, to achieve success in the corporate world and the six-figure salary that came with it.

It all came with a PRICE!

I ascended up the corporate ladder as a high powered Big X consultant, traveling up to 180,000+ air miles per year. During my climb I put health and wellness aside.

No surprise, eventually life caught up with me.

I had sabotaged my own health, energy, fitness and sex life (gents you know what I am talking about).  I was that tired, sleep deprived, overweight, 40+ year old road warrior.

In exchange for a high stress corporate position.

What a mess.

My health was on the decline and more importantly, I feared what this would mean to my family.

Things had to change and IN A HURRY!!

I know I’m not alone.

Through this journey I realized how straight up insane it is that we focus so much on achieving “things” that consciously or not begin to lose control of what matters the most…


It is from this base that I began to climb, STEP-BY-STEP, back to health and wellness.

I quickly realized that it takes more than a workout routine and eating salads. I began looking at my entire lifestyle.

I began looking at my entire lifestyle and realized that what I was doing in my “busy” life (yes, the one with the fancy titles and cozy elite business traveler persona) what was actually robbing me of my life. Everything from the way needed my coffee to the way I slept, to the my relationships with fitness and food.

I hacked what it takes to control my stress levels, mastered the art of sleep, made physical fitness a priority, all set on a powerful foundation nutritional system of superfoods!

The results have been amazing!!

Today I am 60 lbs. lighter, practice daily meditation, lift weights, enjoy yoga, and most importantly focused on putting the right foods into my body that would allow it to do the great things it was designed to do.

I am enjoying quality time with my family, and am passionately ready for whatever life has to offer.

Enough about me…

Because what this is really all about is You.

Yes, I am here for YOU!

The foundation of all our desires are based on our mental and physical well being – NO MATTER WHAT YOUR LIFESTYLE, CAREER PATH, OR FINANCIAL SITUATION.

This transformation and new way of BEING, has changed my life. I want this for you.

It is my mission is to share my journey to attract and assist those on a similar path.

I am a firm believer that true wealth cannot be achieved without a healthy mind and body.

Regaining a healthy mind and body has given me the taste that all things are possible when I commit to my goal and pursue it with 100% passion, no matter what!

It is all possible with a consistent vision, focus, and passion. I express my passion as an author, performance and wellness coach, speaker, and consultant to those seeking guidance on their journey to health and wellness.

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Todd Judkins
Todd JudkinsAuthor | Speaker

Who Am I?

  • Former Naval Officer
  • Bestselling Author
  • Lifestyle and Performance Consultant
  • Hard Core Road Warrior
  • Husband, Father, and Performance Hacker

Motivational, Performance Speaking and Personal Lifestyle Consulting

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