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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  ~ Confucius

When it all comes down to it, having an unbeatable mindset will provide us the determinations, perseverance, and persistence necessary for success. At Re-Ignite Nation we define success by living with intention, living life on your terms.  Happiness is our currency.

When it comes to making a change, here are the first three things to focus on:

  • Start where you are today

  • Determine your WHY to provide the necessary motivation for change

  • Begin by taking micro-actions, small steps that will lead to big change over time

Take a deep breath and relax because the world today is stacked against us and our biochemistry is struggling to keep up.  We can turn our lives around by finding our true passion, reducing the external and internal stresses that can destroy us, and us our change our environment to thrive!

If you are ready to focus on living, surrounding yourself with people who share your values and retire those excuses for good, then I have a plan for you!

Take These Small Steps:

Step 1:  Download a FREE Copy of RE-IGNITE

My bestselling book which I discuss how I regained my health and turbocharged my energy after 20 years in the corporate world.  This book is not an ebook or excerpts from my book; it is the full published version of RE-IGNITE.  I want to assist you in jump-starting your path to living your dash and offer this to you for free.  After all, this is why I wrote the book in the first place, to express my gratitude to those who helped me and pay it forward.

By downloading this book, you’ll also become a member of RE-IGNITE Nation!  Every month, you’ll receive an email with a new podcast episodes, videos, and book recommendations to help you stay focused on living a life of intention.


Step 2:  Read and do the exercise in Chapter One of RE-IGNITE

Finding your purpose, passion, in other words, your WHY is critical to designing a life with meaning. That’s why I started my book by addressing this critical phase.  Before we talk about reducing stress, before fixing our sleep issues, before nutritional and fitness…

Do this activity. 

Spend as much time as necessary and only do this exercise if you are at a place of complete honesty with yourself.  If you find yourself justifying or making excuses during this exercise, stop the activity and come back when your mindset allows uncompromising honesty.

Start where you are.

Once you have completed this exercise continue reading the book, implementing those steps (stress management, sleep, …) that require the most attention for you get back in the game and enjoying life.

Step 3:  Listen and Subscribe to The Re-Ignite Podcast 

The Re-Ignite Podcast will bring to you each week an inspirational person or message dedicated to helping you live your dash.  Listen to this short episode to find out what the podcast is all about.

Not subscribed to the podcast? Click the platform icons on the right and Subscribe (for free) and listen from your phone while driving or working out.  The Re-Ignite Podcast is available on all your favorite platforms!

Simple Steps!

I want to hear from you. What do you think of these ideas? What did you learn?  This is our first step to help the Re-Ignite Nation  “get started” in living your dash, but the best is yet to come with your feedback and help. Share your thoughts, obstacles, and fears so we can create new content that inspires you.

The best is yet to come for you too!




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