TRP 30 | Manny Patrick Vargas | A Desire to Inspire

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This episode features Manny Patrick Vargas.

Manny is an author, speaker, coach, host, and former restaurant owner.

In November of 2015, Manny hit a transformational turning point and decided to embark on a path of self-discovery to understand how he could best impact those around him.

Asking questions was integral on his path to bringing more awareness of self and of others into his life.

Manny has since authored his first book, “loss VEGAS- The Art of Finding Joy in Sin City.”

Manny is called on to inspire others to live a life of purpose and creativity, encouraging lasting change to help guide them towards finding joy in the struggle of life.

What is so incredible about Manny is that he is joining The Re-Ignite podcast just to simply add value to your life.

I ask all my guest is there anything I can do to support them since they have been gracious enough to give their time to better our world.

Manny, true to form, only wanted to share himself in hopes of adding goodness to the world.

I am grateful to have him here today, so let’s get right to it with Manny Patrick Vargas.


Be sure to reach out to Manny on social media and follow him online.

Powerful episode!!

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