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In this power edition episode of The Re-Ignite Podcast, I explore the power of saying no.  You should always follow your instinct and go all out for opportunities that lie within your genius.  However, saying yes to everything can cause you to pursue things not in alignment with your true desire.  This what I refer to as the Shiny Object Syndrome.  Protect your ”YES” by being discipline to your goals and developing the art form of just saying no.

I am often asked what is the hardest skill to develop and by far it is mastering the ability to say no that not only protects you but the recipient of not getting you at your best or fully committed.  Be strong in your intentions for what you want and when in alignment, the “YES” is a powerful elixir.  When used too much it can turn poisonous and strip you of the very fulfillment you are ultimately striving.

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