TRP 25 | Darin Steen | The FASTer Diet (Part 1)

Show Notes and Links The FASTer Diet with Darin Steen Part 1 In this episode, we have Darin Steen back with us to drop some serious knowledge contained in his new book, The FASTer Diet; How to Fuel Your Body and Life.  Darin is going to share his favorite productivity [...]

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TRP 10 | John Vasquez | Roids to Riches

Show Notes and Links In today’s podcast, John Vasquez shares his inspirational journey of going from a clean-cut kid to a full-blown addict and the battle to regain what he had lost.  John will share with us the steps he took to regain his life, family, and self-worth. The story that [...]

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TRP 02 | Doug Dorsey | The Perfect Scale

Show Notes and Links In this show, we discuss a new take on health and fitness with The Fitness Professor.  Throwing away the traditional scale a measure of fitness, Doug introduces us to a new approach to health and wellness through his Perfect Scale program.  Finally, a point [...]

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TRP 00 | Welcome to the Re-Ignite Podcast

SUBSCRIBE Show Notes and Links In this first episode, we will dive into the purpose of this podcast. I hope to introduce you to the true meaning of the word Re-Ignite. This podcast is made by people who live life on their terms. Are ready to drop seeds of knowledge for [...]

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Limitless Energy – Part 1: Increasing Your Energy For A Better You

Productivity is the buzz word that everyone's talking about.  The common complaint is there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the things we have to get done. So, we are all convinced that if we worked a few extra hours we could get the promotion, make more money, and in [...]

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